Van lock for side doors and rear doors

Locked with keys
Locked with keys
Lock van rear doors
Lock van rear doors

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The characteristics of the lock
• Locking device for a utility van

• The only lock that attaches to the back of the door

• The anti-theft system uses the 2 basic elements of the set to lock and guarantees an unmatched blocking power

• Colors :
• Colorless
• Black

• Materials :
• Slide + base Bolt : Aluminium 2017
• Stainless steel screws
• Anodizing treatment (aeronautical type)

The tip

The misalignment of the 2 Door / Panel Faces must be at most plus or minus 0.6 mm.

The latch for side or rear doors is patented in France.
Anti-theft lock with external control for optimum security.
• Lock equipped with high-strength steel cylinder
• Anti-drilling centre for extra strength
• Radial pin mechanism
• 7-pin radial mechanism offering 500,000 combinations