Rear door van lock

On rear doors
On rear doors

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This lock system has been patented.

The only lock that attaches to the back of the door ! Its opposition position uses the 2 basic elements of the assembly to lock and guarantee an unrivalled blocking power. Thanks to this Position, in addition to the original lock, each side of the door will be locked. This also allows you to install our lock even on a van, for example, that does not have a "panel" between the sliding door and the front door ! Arguments without competition to date !

Its elegant shape is also defined by the laws of mechanics and the efforts that can be asked to this.

In "Closed" position No screw is visible ! - No space for a crowbar ! - Material in Anodized Aluminium - Stainless steel screws - Rivet fixing. Completely removable. Interchangeable lock.

Top of the line barrel with 7-piston Octagonal Key and 500000 Combinations. Nothing comparable with Round asian or Key flat Lock

CAUTION : The misalignment of the 2 Door / Panel Sides must be Maximum to Plus or Minus 0.6 mm.