integrated trunk lock system

External View
External View
Internal View
Internal View
Seals Side Cover
Seals Side Cover
Seal Side Barrel
Seal Side Barrel
With an adjustment shim
With an adjustment shim

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The characteristics of the lock
- Lock for motorhomes, profile type, integral

- Suitable for :
- Trunk door
- hold

- Color :
- Colorless
- Black

- Materials :
- Anodized aluminum
- Screws and Mechanics : Stainless steel

- Pairing compatible with all other products in our range

- Designed for 35mm Maxi panels, i.e. almost all motorhomes.

- The play with the quill is adjustable in 4 heights with the supplied spacers.


Supplied with Drilling Template it is Easy to Install with 2 Holes Ø 9 and 1 hole Ø 22 to be made with a Standard Commercial Hole Saw.

French patented trunk lock
Burglar-proof lock with external control for optimum security.
- Lock equipped with high-strength steel cylinder
- Anti-drilling centre for extra strength
- Radial pin mechanism
- 7-pin radial mechanism offering 500,000 combinations

Fitting instructions